How Do I Increase My Deposit Limit?

HardBlock user starts off with a $2,000 per 23-hour deposit limit.

If you would like to increase this limit, please contact

If your account has a history (over a month old) and is in good standing, we may increase your daily limit to $10,000 AUD. We might also ask you to provide us with a selfie. Learn how to provide us with a proper selfie.

Be aware that if you exceed your deposit limit, the whole deposited amount will be blocked. So will be Bitcoin withdrawals from your HardBlock account (Bitcoin will still be in your account, and you can even exchange it for AUD).

A table below is for your better understanding of how deposit limits work at HardBlock:

Day and time Deposit amount (AUD) Daily limit (AUD)
Monday 10:00 No deposits yet 2,000
Monday 11:00 1,000 1,000
Tuesday 06:00 1,000 0
Tuesday 10:00 - 1,000
Wednesday 01:00 - 1,000
Wednesday 05:00 - 2,000
Wednesday 05:05 1,200 800
Wednesday 13:00 1,000 800, and your $1,000 will be blocked until our manual check & confirmation
Wednesday 13:05 700 100 ($700 will be credited to your HardBlock account and available for exchange)
Wednesday 19:00 We confirm your blocked $1,000 deposit 0 (at this point none of your funds are blocked)
Thursday 04:05 - 300
Thursday 12:05 2,000 0
Thursday 14:00 We increase your daily limit to $10,000. As a result, you can deposit only 8,000 more until your limit resets on Friday 11:05

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