Providing a Selfie For Verification

Sometimes we ask users for a selfie in order to verify information about their account. This helps us ensure security for everyone involved. 

We appreciate your patience in helping us verify your identify.

In order to provide us with the information needed, we ask that you take a photo of yourself in a well lit area while holding:

  1. Your identification document. This document can be either your drivers license or your passport
  2. A handwritten note stating: "I authorise deposits to HardBlock to purchase Bitcoin." Please also include the date in the note. This ensures that a scammer is not reusing a photo without your permission.

Please ensure that both documents are legible. If you have trouble ensuring your ID is legible, please include an additional photo of the ID so that we can cross reference the information and ensure you are verified.  

Here is an example of how to take your verification selfie:

Once again, we thank you for your patience and appreciate you helping us ensure security for both us and you!

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