Exchanging Your Bitcoin to Other Coins

How To Exchange Your Bitcoin to Other Coins Using Changelly

At HardBlock, we always recommend Bitcoin as the leading, most secure, and safe choice for your cryptocurrency investing, though you may be wondering how to go about using it to get your hands on other coins like Ethereum. 

Changelly is a crypto exchange service used to exchange one cryptocurrency to another. Though Changelly offers reasonable rates when changing coins to other coins, HardBlock consistently offers the best rate to purchase Bitcoin. For this reason, we recommend using HardBlock to purchase Bitcoin, and Changelly to exchange your Bitcoin to other coins if you so choose.

Here's how you can do just that:

Step 1: Purchase Bitcoin

Sign up for a HardBlock account, deposit funds, and purchase Bitcoin if you have not already. Click here for help.

Step 2: Send Bitcoin to Your Wallet

Once you have purchased Bitcoin, send it to your wallet if you have not already. 

Step 3: Use Changelly.com to Exchange your Bitcoin to Other Coins of Your Choosing

1. Go to changelly.com.

2. On the front page of Changelly, you will see a menu which allows you to select the exchange amounts, coins, and type of exchange. We recommend using "floating rate" when completing exchanges.

3. Once you have entered the types and amounts, select "Exchange Now."

4. On the next page, confirm your amounts and enter the wallet address you would like to send your coins to.

5. Select "Next Step."

6. Now you must send the exact amount you intend to exchange to the address that Changelly presents to you.

7. In Changelly, you are able to see the status of the exchange and you are notified when it completes. 

8. Once your exchange is completed, Changelly will send your changed coins to the wallet that you specified in step 4.

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