2 Factor Authentication Lost

If you have lost your 2FA code, we will need to disable 2FA in order to get you back into your account.

For security reasons, there's a couple hoops to jump through prior to disabling your 2FA. This is just to verify your identity to make sure it's really you requesting 2FA to be disabled.

For the first step, we'll need you to schedule a verification call with us. Please schedule this call for sometime that works for you after 2 days have passed since this email was sent. This time buffer is to ensure your email wasn't compromised as well as to confirm you still want your 2FA disabled. We'll just ask a few quick questions during the call.

After that, we will ask for a selfie photo with ID verification and a note with the date attached stating "I authorise HardBlock to disable my Two Factor Authentication on my account."

You can schedule a time for us to call you by reaching out to us via email using the email we have on file for you.

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