How do I start buying Bitcoin?

Once you've created your account you can now get started buying Bitcoin.

In order to start, please read the steps below:

  1. First, you need to add funds to your HardBlock balance to be used to buy Bitcoin.
    • From your dashboard, choose Fund Deposit on the left side of your dashboard .
  2. You must verify your phone number in order to deposit funds.
    • After entering your phone number, a SMS will be sent with a code to be entered in order to verify your number.
  3. You can now deposit funds using either PayID or POLi pay. Please read this article if you require help.
  4. Now that you have funds to buy Bitcoin, navigate to the Buy/Sell section of HardBlock (also found on the left side of your dashboard).
  5. Use the Buy section to enter the amount of Bitcoin you would to buy and submit your transaction by pressing Buy!

You will now see Bitcoin in your HardBlock balance! Congratulations for investing in Bitcoin, and thank you for doing business with HardBlock.

Please reach out to with any further questions

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