Signing up with HardBlock Australian Bitcoin Exchange

  1. Register an account.
    • Using the orange Sign Up button on our homepage, enter your email and the password you would like to use for HardBlock.
  2. Verify your email.
    • You will now receive an email with a code that should be entered in order to verify your account.
      You cannot proceed until you verify your email.
  3. Verify your identity using Digital lD.
    1. Digital ID is an ID verification service run securely by Australia Post.

    2. Press "Verify with Digital ID" button: 

    3. Press Verify with Digital ID.png
      and make sure to  choose "New to Digital iD":
      Choose New to Digital ID.png
    4. What documents can I use to verify my identity?
      • To complete the Digital ID verification process, you must verify two forms of identification which can be a:
        • Australian Passport
        • Foreign Passport with valid Australian Visa
        • Drivers License
        • Medicare Card
        • Proof of Age
    5. How long will it take to get verified?
      • Verifying with Digital ID will take a few minutes if you have your documents ready.
  4. At this step you will get access to your HardBlock account
  5. Verify your phone number (to make your first AUD deposit)
    1. Follow the prompts to verify your phone number with the code sent to your phone by SMS.
  6. Make a deposit of Australian dollars, any amount is fine, you can start with as little as a dollar (look for Fund Deposit on the menu).
    1. This step is to create a link between your bank account and your HardBlock account, but you can deposit up to $2000 every 24 hours and exchange it for Bitcoin.
  7. One of our team members will call you to verify details about your deposit. This takes only a couple of minutes. If you're unable to take the call, we'll send you an email where you can schedule a call with us when you're available.
    1. We reserve the right to not verify accounts. See our Terms of Service here for more details,
  8. Your account set up will be complete four days after your first deposit of Australian dollars. 
    1. This rigorous process is required to ensure we comply with AUSTRAC regulations.
  9. Your account set up is now complete. You can now withdraw Bitcoin from your HardBlock account to your Bitcoin wallet.   

If you ever have any questions, we're here to help:

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